Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This is for all of you five people who read this blog. Large parts of this will be covered by the mighty Bubbles of Speech. No blatant errors for the most part, maybe the bracers could be a bit lighter tone to match the breastplate.

Would'a finished tonight, but Paint Shop Pro 9 crashed as I was editing the file, and I don't feel like redoing the rest tonight. (2:20 AM local time.)

This page is very late, again, and the second page for this year. Hopefully, next one will come out faster. I'm taking steps so that the next page will only be delayed by stuff like studying, socializing and work, and, y'know, productive stuff like that.

Socializing is productive - and difficult - if one's as much of an introverted recluse as I am. Really.


Cobalt said...

shading-du. :p

looking good! Nice to see something semi-finished at last. Eager to see the finished article now.

Esa Karjalainen said...

You'll be disappointed, I'm sure.
I ended up not changing this much at all - I did do some minor tweaks, but I'm not sure if they can be seen with the naked eye.

...Resisting the urge to rant twice the amount I wrote in the actual post, here....

Cobalt said...

I can see one or two things but it's all really silly nit-picky stuff, not worth taking the time to fix.

Remember it's a webcomic. regular updates are more much important than perfection in the art to keep the story fresh and flowing. Sorry if that sounds a bit cheeky. :p

Ink it and it will look fine.

Benjamin A. said...

It works good as a pencil drawing too. :D

But yeah... we've been working on the don't-doubt-just-draw stuff. Been trying to get that hammered into Esa's mentality (and don't-doubt-just-write for me). Eventual quality through lots of quantity and practice, as it were.

Esa Karjalainen said...

One of the principal decisions originally was to not ink anything. I was very unfamiliar with using pens at the time.

I did end up later on touching some details with inks a bit... and we did end up using quite a bit of CG on some scenes - Ironically the very same scenes which would have needed CG effects if we were shooting a movie, too.