Thursday, June 7, 2007

This makes how many somethings now?

I bet it didn't even put up a fight... Probably didn't taste that good.
I intended to draw a knife and a fork there too, but forgot....

Honestly, I don't think Terra has that bad table manners at this point in story, anymore... maybe she's being petulant since the food wasn't that interesting? Who knows.

Saturn is actually poking fun at me, for not drawing anything recognizable as a food. Or maybe
at the 2-d existence of the plate there. One of the good reasons for a review process on the comic is that, frankly, I often times completely forget to draw something in.


C said...

she requires a napkin...or to be spoon fed lol.

Benjamin A. said...

Initially, Terra has pretty bad table manners. She does kind of "know" the right way to do things--the refined royal way of sitting down for an elegant meal--but she's not quite adapted to this yet. She's more used to ripping apart and consuming whatever comes her way, and if it puts up a struggle, so much the better.

It takes probably about a year to fully get over that and embrace human manners. Some habits are hard to get rid of. By her body's early teens, she's probably fine, but she will still find things that don't fight back as... awfully bland and uninteresting. She wouldn't find eating to be that fun of an activity. She would pick at her meals, eat the minimal portion to keep her going, and then go back to whatever she had been doing before. To an outside observer, it would appear that she's just very anxious to get back out and play.

In this case, perhaps she's just being lazy or is really distracted by some random intense battle that she's using to vent through K.Z. or A.S.K.

Non-euclidean gunk for dinner. Joy! Soups she'd find especially pointless, as they just slurp down and there's not even anything to crunch.

I suppose she might request to do things such as make her own lobster or butcher her own beef and such.

Though I imagine most meals in such pacifist worlds as the Moon would tend to be vegetarian. She's seen as a picky eater since she only really seems to like exotic foreign cuisine, and only stuff that she prepares herself. Though she does get a few skill points in cooking, as it were, during the process.

"Wow. Princess Terra, you are an excellent chef! How did you make it?"

"Well, I started by opening the ravenous crab-beast's cage. I had to dodge the first strike from its poisonous tail since it had been coiled up for hours preparing for me...."

"Oh, and it was still moving when I'd finally gouged out half its nervous system, so I grabbed a mallet and pounded away till it stopped. But then it started its massive cell regeneration process, so I shoved it into the pot with some extra seasonings and had to squeeze it tight until it ran out of air...."

QS(smiles nervously): So, ah, seconds, anyone?

Princess Althea(hands up): Nope, I'm done!

P.Serenity(O_O): ...
^^ Traumatized for life.

Terra: Good. More for me!

Cobalt said...

"P.Serenity(O_O): ...
^^ Traumatized for life."

how many times does that make now? XD