Thursday, June 21, 2007

Something for midsummer time.

Midsummer festivities. I'll be away for a few days. While there have been periods of unexpected inactivity before, I'll try and notify you of such periods when I know of them beforehand.

...That doesn't make sense on a very basic level.

In any case, I'll be away 'till Monday, so here's something to tide you over. More character-design type stuff, really. Conceptartsy or something.

Oh, and there's a comic to read, too! It turned out rather light in shade, this time.

The general preference in comic-art is, that the pencils should be as much all there is as possible. We've ended up using quite a bit of CGI on parts, and sometimes details get punched up with ink, but usually that's not the case. Such things as the scanner used, and the monitor used, affect the finished product quite a bit. Looking at it now, I feel I could have been a bit bolder with the light/dark variance. The top frame could use a bit more clarity. But, all in all, it fills it's purpose and we chose to publish now instead of holding it back even longer.


Cobalt said...

Time paradox D:

New comic page looks great! Final testing is complete and we can proceed with mass production.

Oh yeah, is there a reason that all the people in the new sketch are glaring at me? >.>

Esa Karjalainen said...

Eyes following you around, eh?
...Time paradox? Something funny with date/time thingies?

You must remember, I only exist in the moment ten hours into the future.

Benjamin A. said...

It's strange... I mean, they have two arms, two legs, two eyes. It's SO unlikely that real aliens would look like that, but they look alien and strange to us, so... that's why fiction is like that.
A planet where insects evolved into men?? :D

Cobalt said...

Time paradox as in you can only know about unexpected events through time travel by which they no longer become unexpected so there is no need to travel and so it does on untill the universe implodes.

...I could have probably communicated that better :P

and about aliens: The probability of another advanced, sentient, tool using race looking (somewhat) like us is not completely impossible as we look like we do BECAUSE we are what we are or in some cases we are what we are because of what we look like. for example - two forward facing eyes which give us depth perception to make us better hunters. this is what lead to imagination and other advanced higher brain functions because we observed our prey and tried to work out what it would do next. they would have more than one set but would that really hold any evolutionary advantage over 2? we don't know, but I doubt it.

or how about appendages with an opposable grip? a requirement for a tool using race. would they have more than one pair? they might. however our standing upright gives us an advantage of being able to traverse and survive in just about any terrain - an area in which our tool using was brought massively forward from merely simple weapons and things to specialised houses, traps, waterways and all that jazz.
would a race with more than 2 legs be able to survive in the same conditions?

I realise I'm rambling now (was I ever not XD) so I'll stop before someone dies of boredom assuming they even bothered to read it lol.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Actually, while predators do possess two forward-facing eyes, I doubt it's the primary reason for humans to have them. Depth perception also means you don't fall to your death as often when living in trees.
But, yeah, point.

Hmm, death perception.

Expect the unexpected!