Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sketchy NETTG:TEY scene

This is mostly based on the sprite comic.

I rather dislike showing stuff of this level to people, but that feeling is also something I need to get rid of. K1 lacks his customary circlet, but is wearing the standard armor. I did consider guns, but that's not the way the pose worked.

Oh, and K1 would probably be delighted 'bout the combat, and not really worried 'bout the fact he's, at that point, facing overwhelming odds.

K1 was a "bad idea" of sorts, since he's where Terra dumped all those feelings that weren't conductive to survival, like I wanna blow something up! and I don't wanna do what others tell me to do! And thus...

Problematically, Terra didn't exactly cut those parts away from herself either, but instead dumped her at-that-time emotional baggage there. Really, what allows K1 to function as intended - sorta - are the experiences that are downloaded back to Terra....

Or, that's roughly my interpretation of the situation.

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Benjamin A. said...

"What a loudmouth. Knight-Zero? Kill him."


I have a slightly different scenario in mind for the line comic, but the concept is the same: Terra favors KZ as an effective and deadly tool to carry out her whims in a delicate and precise manner.

On the other hand, she made ASK because she wanted something expendable that she could send out to blow off steam. He wasn't meant to last long--just long enough to do something impressive and explosive. But he was just too stubborn to die.

Besides, the way I imagine it, ASK gets initially beaten handily by the infinitely more skilled Captain Laios, and because of this, ASK is unable to do anything really impressive, so Terra doesn't feel any need to keep him. Besides, him being left alive just makes him a liability for her: he does take a small portion of energy to keep alive (unless he can find some alternative power source to fill that need temporarily), and an intense, probing magical investigation would eventually lead him back to her.

She could just cut off his supply and reabsorb the personality traits, but she decides to send KZ after him. It's a good test of her abilities and besides, it'd be quite satisfying to see the sequence.

Though ragged insane determination and chaotic actions, ASK manages to escape and survive.

That's what I've got in mind, anyway.

As for how ASK's stress-relief function for Terra works... It's basically Terra dumps her feelings of frustration on him, which he relieves through his actions, and it's all the more satisfying for her when he sends the experience back for her to enjoy as well.

Terra is not... ALWAYS frustrated, so ASK is not constantly a chaotic madman out to blow things up. Just a lot of the time. Sometimes, he's perfectly willing to hold a philosophical conversation, though his opinions are largely derived from his experience blowing things up and how neat that is. But having fun is a huge part of his personality. It's kind of what he was made for.