Friday, May 31, 2013

It's All My Brother's Fault

He's a great distraction. I'm not saying that just because he's taller than me. Although it adds to the amusement factor.

Um, so. My brother has three entrance exams around here - I moved to Tuusula, which is near Helsinki, a bit over a year ago. He's been living with me for a week. It's felt expensive, although I'm not sure if that's factually true. I've bought him some food, and there's been a few extra trips made to Helsinki, and it all adds up.

If my monetary situation was a bit different, I wouldn't really care, but... things changed for me a while back. I'm in a bad place mentally, slipping slightly towards depression. That being said, even when I've failed in my blogging or writing, I have managed to go to the gym or the pool every day.

So, a bunch of bad news. I'm not completely apathetic yet, though.


Ben Oliver said...

Maintain a schedule. Schedule locks you in--you do things that are necessary because that's what you do. The schedule mandates it.

You get up, you go to work, you write stuff, you draw stuff, and you go to bed. Eating happens somewhere in there too. It's the days off that are depressing. mO.Om

Esa Karjalainen said...

Do I really want to take advice from mole people, though?

Ben Oliver said...

You would dare deny the wisdom of the unfathomable depths??

Esa Karjalainen said...

Well, it's certainly deep advice. I cannot quite fathom it, though.

Ben Oliver said...