Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hair Today. Also, Eyes.

Elder Venus, Incognita and, uh, some random character.

My post titles are annoyingly apropos.
I'm getting some of my skill back, but I've found that I want to learn some specific techniques, when it comes to depicting materials, textures and such. I may do some studies next, perhaps.

One interesting thing I've noticed - especially with pencil - is to use somewhat cartoony level of realism, but to draw details such as reflections and texures very realistically, albeit with rough enough style that you can see the pencil strokes.

So, on my drawing craft queue:

  • Fan arts
  • Animating a bit
  • Learning new techniques.
I'm also looking for a RPG gaming group locally. It's been a year since the last time I had a chance to play, more or less.

I'm, uh, also trying my hand at writing fiction. I'm not completely awful, but I am pretty bad. It's another thing I just kind of want to take a stab at, at this point. There are strong parallels between designing roleplaying adventurers and writing - the storytelling is very similar, but writing has the actual writecraft aspect to it, as well as the fact that in roleplaying games, other peoples are playing the part of characters, while the GM just has to prepare the setting, play the supporting characters, design plots.... Come to think of it, that's already quite a lot of work. Still, it's essentially similar to the prep-work one might do for a longer story - making notes of appearing characters, preparing locations, making sure things are kept consistent. That sort of a thing.

Hmm. Parallel between Elder Gods and Elder Senshi.... 


Ben Oliver said...

I especially like the picture on the left. She's always been a great-looking character. Favorite one of her so far:

And... yeah. If you've got the concepts for a story inside your head, the story's already written. You're just doing the technical grammar. The ideas are the important thing. All that technical writing is just to make sure your ideas are presented in the best possible light. With your GM work... I've seen GMs in action and what they are is dynamic storytellers.


Didn't take long to remember your skill set, it looks like. ^_^

Esa Karjalainen said...

I'm not there yet, really. Probably. Maybe.