Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Something Strikes Back!

I hadn't done a "something" folder for 2008 yet.

Random skintight doodleman. Almost feels like I've seen this before.

Superpowered individuals are in my mind relatively often. In this case, I guess I, first of all, didn't want to spend too much time, which meant a practically naked model, and second... I've been thinking of a certain game idea. Basically, an immersive superpower game, where you start as an effectively a normal human, and start gaining abilities --- and in the end you can leave the planet under your own power, and can do all sorts of DBZ-like things. It'd be interesting, in a sand box type sense.


Benjamin A. said...

Like City of Heroes, only people have to level up and acquire their abilities rather than just be tossed in as a costumed person.

Sounds proper. As it is, in a lot of games, you level up and become a hero... just like everyone else. And if you dedicate your life to the game, you get to wear the spiffy clothes, too!

Esa Karjalainen said...

Well, yes. I guess the only real difference is that I want the game world intentionally to "break" at a certain point - At some point the player - much like Son Goku - just becomes too powerful to exist in the gameworld.

Benjamin A. said...

Not sure how well that'd work in a traditional MMO sense--to work so hard and so long on a character only to have it become inaccessible to you. That's why most online games now try to avoid perma-death and related things.

Even Star Wars Galaxies, which was going to have it, later renegged.

On the other hand, what you're describing would be a lovely standalone game, with possible multiplayer/online components.