Saturday, March 22, 2008

Opera no longer has any ads // Something

And no-one told me this?

Well, I immediately switched to Opera. It's probably the "best" browser anyway, although I haven't tried Kazehakase

Had a marathon DnD session yesterday/last night. Shouldn't do that. Well, in any case, it was Epic. Heh.
...Sorry, an inside joke. But, as you can see, I'm not running on full capacity right now. 

About the drawing: Random bug, although it seems my faces don't have much variance just yet - I've drawn a similar bugface before. The badly-drawn girl below was included since I actually want to try something CGI, and it was good enough for that purpose. It's a double-hash lostnumber, since I'm at a different machine and I have no idea if I have any lostnumbers on my primary box.

*edit* This isn't what I had in mind--- still, it's good to dip my toes in the water every now and then. in any case, there will be a costume. Nice fingers, 
mostly.  I liked the ears, but this most likely isn't the final pose.

I'm currently still quite excited considering game developement stuff. I shall be coding in the future. Also modelling, maybe playing with sound... and so on and forth.

I'm also twiddling with Zenwalk on a 128M RAM Compaq Presario 1700 laptop - it's a 700mhz Celeron coppermine. I've also switched from XFCE to... well, I'm twiddling between Fluxbox and IceWM. Switching to Opera also helped save a few megs of RAM. There's also Dillo there, but it's lack of CSS is enough to make me not use it. I'm also looking if Xserver is smaller than full X.

I'm doing this for fun and learning purposes - if I wanted minimum RAM footprint I'd just start with DSL-N and build up from there, probably. Of course, DSL-N isn't a terribly mature distro yet... well, maybe Puppy Linux...

Still, if anyone wants to send me some RAM for that old piece of junk, drop me a note, okay? :D


Cobalt said...

The new version of firefox that is soon to come out (you can get the beta of it now) is set to be extremely good with most of the problems of the past fixed, including but not limited to: the acid2 test, it's at least twice as fast and it is still only beta, memory leaks and security.

In other news - Cool bug/alien thing and good luck with the coding! Is this the resurrection of GDM? :p

Benjamin A. said...

I'm always up for some GDM-related stuff. Unfortunately I'm not that great of a coder or artist. ^^

Benjamin A. said...

Ah, so you're going to model this character in 3D then work on details such as hair and attire?

Esa Karjalainen said...

it's not a character yet. So no.

Benjamin A. said...

Ah. So... what'cha gonna do with it?
Or was that the final product? ^_^

Esa Karjalainen said...