Thursday, March 20, 2008

Something is Gainax Fanart

It's Nono from Gunbuster 2!
Or rather, it's a drawing eyeballed from a photo of a cosplayer in a booklet which came in a recent Cosmode magazine. In any case, it was done with a ballpoint pen, so... not bad. My eye's pretty decent with 2d shapes, at least, these days. Still, a somewhat pointless exercise.

I just wanted to post something. Plus, more views equals pizza. Or something.

In any case, I'll probably do more ballpoint pen stuff, as well as some Wacom stuff soon. I'll need to make another Japan post one of these days, but in the mean time, check out Heikki's Scrapbook, for his reports on the trip. ( link in the sidebar on the right side. )

I've been learning new things, but I don't have much to say about that, yet.

GDM should probably switch to GTGE, JMonkey, or maybe LWJGL ( my current favourite. )

There are so many game engines these days, that if one intends to do something, optimally one would test each and everyone of them before committing to one. It might be interesting, fastprototyping some game for each engine, at a pace of, say, one game per week. At least you'd end up with lots of games.

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Benjamin A. said...

Hmm... Speaking of GDM, that'd be a good spot to pick up with and do the original plot with NETTG elements, since NETTG is a viable storyline, we've discovered. (Just add art and text and it can go places!)

You did some sketches a while back, and I like the QS replacement, had a braid, I believe. If I/you/we/them/badger uses those concepts as a base, we'd have a cast of characters.

Good, Neutral, and Evil parents, either man or woman, and we've got 6 characters. If it were a comic, we'd just focus on the girl's interaction with the female Good parent, with male Good parent off on a quest somewhere. Neutral and Evil become leaders of different places. That makes it three worlds/major kingdoms to consider.

The GD-girl remains the GD girl, just severely battered by the new would-be parent's abilities that stopped the GD in the first place.

Then all the events in GDM are any scrap of possible plotline that can be thought of. Would just need an engine capable of making it easy to script and expand upon them. Rumor has it that the MetaPlace thing Ammon's working on with various people could make this doable, but last time we needed any sort of extended programming, it just fell apart due to boredom/real life business and such. ^^

Speaking of Gainax, Princess Maker... that was a funky game. It so badly needs a proper parody. ^_^