Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Something without a date


Hmm. I may have found -- or perhaps rediscovered -- something. Maybe. I have a slight problem with my "Something" files --- a lot of them have actual content of some sort, so just dropping them into my "something" folder seems somehow wrong. Also, I generally used a date-numbering system, which, while a good way of keeping track of when I draw, doesn't work so nicely with specific topics, which don't fit into the concept of "Something" that well in any case... but... where was I?

Numbers, right! Dates also have the problem - what if I draw more than one "something"-type picture in a day?

What is the difference between this and Sketchydoodles? Not much, except there's more thought in this. I guess this is, in reality, more of a sketchydoodle, but I never promised consistency in my file naming habits.

In any case, I would've drawn more little boxes, but the big sketch covered so much space, it already skipped so much I didn't want to.

If this post makes little sense, it's all your imagination. Yes. Or maybe I should sleep, take your pick.

I've been reading Planet Karen today. Nice and depressing.

Oh, and: the Fan Fiction Mailing List currently exists as a Google Group, mainly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the Terra variant in the back. Kind of a different hairstyle, but the same attitude.

The woman front and center is a nifty original candidate. Worth keeping in mind and reviewing later.

So, keep generating conceptual drawings of various types, see what you enjoy, and we can chat later about more specifics. :D