Monday, May 21, 2007

Mmmohdear... GD Junk

Amazingly blocked tonight.

The fun thing 'bout GD is that it allows me to play around with shapes and lines, without worrying too much 'bout looking neat, good or correct. This can be useful from time to time.

But, seriously. Amazingly blocked. I will post something less sucky tomorrow-ish. Was on a cabin for a couple of days. Still too cold to swim, in my opinion, but it was still nice. I slept and ate, and did very little else. I did have some books and my drawing gear with me, but it just didn't feel appropriate to either sleep or draw very much.

I wanted to draw something more sensible today, but my lines just wouldn't do it. Weird, sorta. I'll work through it, and you'll get something interesting someday, I hope.

There's plenty of stuff for me to draw, once I get past this. It's been a while since I've been blocked actually. This time, the reason is probably because of the silence a while back. Perhaps I'll do more copies or maybe drawing from photos - or nature - might help. I am lacking something - some sort of knowledge, or wisdom from my drawings.

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Anonymous said...

Keep going! You're doing fine. ^_^