Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Something, free of time #2.

I... actually like this?


I don't know who she is. Some sort of new wave heroine? Someone running on an obstacle course?

"Something" started as a way of keeping track of daily drawing, I don't really need to track that separately any more, so I'll switch to ordinary numbering from now on, probably.

I went over early NETTG line strips. They're quite good, really. A lot of it is badly drawn by today's standards, and quite a bit is blurry and dark - the scanner and monitor I had back then are to blame for that. Composition and pacing are really pleasant, I actually enjoy reading it. Too bad there's so little of it.

The pacing early on is quite nice, but it gets a tad compressed in chapter one, due to the glacial progress.

I need to draw more comics.

*edit* Of course, now I'm starting to spot errors. It's all edumacational or some such.


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Anonymous said...

One line of praise and a full post of spam! ^_^

He could have at least described the picture. Bet he didn't even see. Maybe it's a robot. {O_O}

Anyway, a nifty lithe kind of gal. Definitely a runner. Could be an operative of a secret organization in the future, some kind of Matrix personality, or just someone who likes to jog in full-body vinyl/leather.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Who knows. Maybe I should turn on moderation once again...

Benjamin A. said...

Only if it becomes a problem, I imagine. And if it's problematic, can just delete the post.

Benjamin A. said...

Nevermind the errors; keep on postin'! ;)