Thursday, May 31, 2007

Proper Something!

For a change, something that is actually a proper something.

That's confusing, but it's okay. This is actually very distantly NETTG-related, but we're talking of, like, the second cousin's niece or something.

I knew there was a way to draw the boots in a way that didn't imply broken angles, but I didn't quite get there. It doesn't look too horribly wrong, but it's definitely not right, either. I was a bit lazy on the fingers, but they're not obviously horrible. The gun is pure fantasy, without any contact points with reality. I quite like the hair style here, but I stole the split ponytail from something recent.

The background is uber-lazy, but does add to the image. A note to all hobbyist artists: Always draw some sort of a background, you'll need to learn to do it anyway, and it's an effective way of adding compositionary elements to the image.


Cobalt said...

cool character.

Is the skirt supposed to be see-through? :p

and the past tense of split is split.

Esa Karjalainen said...

well, better than *splat*...

See-through skirt, hmm...
It's just lazy erasing, actually, but I'm not sure if that wouldn'd be a good idea.

Benjamin A. said...

Well, if you had a see-through skirt, she would need something additional, like a pair o' shorts or spandex. This would be helpful especially if she's making rolls to dodge enemy fire and doing backflips off of tall waterfalls and things.

This could work fine for a concept for the character we were discussing. Though she probably wouldn't just walk around like that. She'd probably wear something like a wrap-around Il Pallazo-style cloak she could toss off when there needed to be action such as acrobatics, fancy footwork, shooting, or jumping off of buildings while kicking in doors with high-heels.

I like the strap on the shoulder and the additional guards on the wrist. It's the little details that help bring the character to life.

I quite like the hair. Similar to the source material in a vague unplaceable manner and yet original enough to go for. The bangs and ponytails are quite nice. Especially the bangs. The ponytails are of appropriate length. Too short and they look silly. Too long and they become cumbersome. These are about right. A good color might be shiny black or a blue tint.

The gun's what I'm not certain of. It'd have to be some kind of wild fantasy gun, or possibly... well, it could work like this, but require some kind of organic or crystalline core to it. Might shoot something like an energy bolt or poison. The convergent techno/magic evolution we discussed could lead to this end. It'd make designing weapons for the rest of the realm oh so much easier. :D