Monday, August 27, 2007

Why haven't I graduated yet?

That's a good question, isn't it?
I've somehow managed to catch a cold. Or a flu. Whichever.

Stuff, GDM
Been doing some Java stuff - and enough MinGW & SDL stuff that I can do something with it, if I want to.

Writing, planning... how did it go again?

Plotting, Meditation, Torture and Knitting. Oh, yes. The White Arbyfish way.

More new stuff soon somewhere.


Cobalt said...

Lol... Nuke em till they tactics...

good poses with the fighters.

the bottom one makes me think:

"You, Terra 'Destroyer of Worlds', are charged with the murder of uncountable civilisations, Insurmountable property damage, Impersonation of a princess and a criminal disregard for Destiny. If found guilty you will be subjected to 'My Little Pony' until you are dead. How do you plead?"

Anyway, good luck with whatever it is you are going to do next.

Benjamin A. said...

Heh, NETTG Tactics. ^^ The way it's drawn here, I can see how it'd actually work. Looks like a personality battle, or a ES Saturn vs. GD or whatnot. Anyway, funny-looking sailor-something. And an ArbyFish! =^_^=

Ah, down below. Clearly a GDM scene. I like the scenic window setup. Exactly what I've had in mind.

As for the girl herself... I'd say Neutral and Evil could start with her in manacles like that. (Good would start her in a pretty pink dress, and she'd start with a smiling-sweatdrop expression to denote nervousness and looking like she knows she needs to tread lightly.)

Otherwise, it's like PM and PM2 when it's a particularly cold winter or hot summer.

"Terra has suddenly become agitated and violent. Three guards have already been injured. What is your response?"

A: "You're grounded for a week, young lady!" (Switch to restraint outfit, in manacles, and increases stats relating to personal control)
B: "Aw, isn't that sweet? Kids will be kids, after all." (Girl replies, "Thanks, Mom!" or "Thanks, Dad!" and stress/rage goes down.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Heh. Clearly, you need some scripting tools for dialogue-based scenarios. I guess there will be more of those than in PM2...