Monday, August 27, 2007

No, that would take too long. let me sum up.

I was on an isometric kick, and my brother appeared. I started explaining stuff to him, how the whole projection thing works.
  • square half as high as wide, from mid point of each edge, a line.
  • You must draw the top square or you lose track of stuff, and end up like bottom-left.
  • when in doubt, draw a line in same angle as the diagonal lines. things must line up.
  • if you can draw a square, you can draw anything. Maybe not well, but...
So, I did the above in Graphics Gale. very useful as a guide. Go an' make some of your own.

If you work in PS or something, make the initial image something like 800x400, and once you have the grid, start putting big color circles on a separate layer. Works amazingly well.

Next, the topic of art styles came up.
  • You can draw a head-shape from almost anything, but I don't enjoy it.
  • Neck style in One Piece, simple but looks good, nya!
  • After you know the rules, you can break 'em.
  • If you draw lots, your arm will learn certain shapes and you can "cheat" when drawing them.
  • Draw robot/mannekin shapes, to learn the shapes and pieces of everything.
Then, we touched on animation, shortly.
  • Using balls-and-lines skeletons to figure out the limits of movement. The line can become shorter ( you can calculate or graphically derivate it by flattening a circle ), but they generally cannot become longer.
  • On paper, you can just draw each position on top of each other, then trace 'em ( with paper/on computer ) later.
  • Once you have a skeletal model, you can flesh it out. in the graphic sense. Heh.
In other, unrelated news:
  • GDM in my mind
  • School starts soon
  • Dentist's appointment tomorrow
  • Coding, drawing --- such joy.
  • I wonder how long it'll last...
  • Paperdoll sucks, but Photoshop's file format is good.
  • Need a tool for tweaking .ben
  • ...ben-edit? bend-it?
  • Isometric... Disgaea... Game programming... Tactical Combat... Maneuvers... XPH...
Stuff like that.


Benjamin A. said...

Mm. Perspective. One wonders how Chesu would fare with diagonal sprites. He'd probably tinker with FF tactics sprites till they looked right. ^_^

Still, an NETTG Tactics game... I can basically picture how it'd go. We'd need lots of reasons for random battles and spontaneous fights.

"Arby, what have you done?!"

"Oye's bred an army of undead 'shrooms ta conquer yew awl! Roight, 'ave fun, play noice." (Flutters off)

(Pan to the area where the mushrooms are)


(QS, Laios, and PS faces off against the errant 'shrooms.)

Hmm... FF Tactics style for GDM? Hmm. Well, it'd take a lot of effort to implement. May as well focus on the stat elements for GDM and have a simplified FF Classic combat feel. Besides, FF style sprites are simpler and perhaps easier to produce than FF Tactics style stuff.

Or Are They? mO_Om

Danny said...

Are they? mO_Om

Esa Karjalainen said...

Hmm. They are, methinks. Graphics Gale was the tool which really made low-res stuff fun for me. That, and the tutorial, um, it's linked in one of my older posts... :I