Sunday, August 19, 2007

More junk - delayed.

I'm coding, like a bunny!
The rage against Java is subsiding, Eclipse is quite pleasant.

...I wonder, what's going on with GDM, now?


Benjamin A. said...

MM. Code like bunny.

GDM... well, not a whole bunch. DW's finished a stint at college in game design, and I'm not sure if he ever had time to get back to it. The game may never emerge, but the thought processes have been fascinating.

Mostly it's an issue of game design. I thought I knew what I wanted: A Princess Maker 2 clone with NETTG themes and humor. Actually, that's what I want, but the programmer had different opinions and the features keep changing.

Since I am wholly dependent on others for their expertise (art, programming), and all I can provide is text, there's not a whole lot I can do to drive stuff.

So... not much going on with GDM at the moment. Have to ask DW.

Cobalt said...

... A severed arm? o_O

Benjamin A. said...

Sea turtles, mate!