Thursday, July 12, 2007

Status report / Something

This would have been a no-art post, but I figured, "Might as well draw something", so I spent five minutes on this. After I drew the face and the collar, I thought "Hmm, I'm getting a sorta Knives-like vibe from this... bah!" and so on. Might have guided the rest of the drawing just a bit.

Roughly five minutes means... well, the anatomy's about as correct as anything in Hellsing manga, anyway. Hirano's "Whatever" take on the romanization of names is interesting - basically, all of them are literally rather inaccurate, phonetic representations of the actual spelling - which he doesn't even know in some cases.

Apparently, one of the things learned after almost two decades of drawing stuff, is the ability to draw straight lines. Who knew? Couldn't do it 'round ten years ago, yet.

I was reading Wikipedia, specifically the sections on Finnish language, politics and military. From the languages I ended up reading on Quenya again, and other fictional languages, such as Newspeak.

Admission: I've never read 1984.

Wikipedia can become an amazing waste of time, no doubt... but time wasted there is actually mildly useful. I did spot some of the Finnish-language tie-ins of Quenya. I did also find out 'bout several languages which branched off from Finnish a while back, and... well, lots of stuff, really.

I'd thought I had more to say, but something - perhaps lack of sleep - is driving it from my mind. Oh well.

I've been looking at things like exercise, work and studying these last two days - Initially after school year ended in April, I splendidly managed to avoid getting any sort of a job - I don't really regret that too much, as I felt immensely disinterested at working at the time. However, for the most part, I haven't used my time as efficiently as I'd have liked. There has been little drawing, coding or writing done, for no good reason. I have managed to exercise just a bit, sufficiently to stall above a state of "Completely Doomed," roughly around something like "Not Entirely Horrible."

Financially... well, no way 'round it, I'm flat broke. I don't have any unpaid bills right now, though. I'll probably have to get a part-time job during the next semester. Still, practically free University education - such bliss!

I spent four days in Oulu with my brothers - basically we just ate, watched movies & Anime and slept. I found myself liking "Transformers," although the rather impressive theater we were in might have had something to do with it.

Note to self: add some links later...


Benjamin A. said...

Looks fine to me! Especially good for a 5-minute picture. I think I've seen some manga/anime with a similar style. Is that guy an original?

Cobalt said...

the face reminds me of pokemon.

Esa Karjalainen said...

Heh. Nice 'n simplistic.