Monday, July 2, 2007

Sketchydoodles? Yaw! #7 I think!

I have trouble drawing certain types of long hair. Hmm. I do like the hands, though.
Spiky-haired hero, good, good...
The block, while not indestructible or anything, will always recover.


Cobalt said...

The GD looks like some kind of funky chicken. :p

I see you have been working on your anatomy. everything looks cleaner and more...proper. I May be talking rubbish though.

anyway. You received 500XP points. Esa gained a level.

keep drawing, you can only get better. :D

Esa Karjalainen said...

Chibi-GD is... not entirely unlike a chicken, really. Chicken + Cat + Insects and Arachnids, oh my!

It's just you. Maybe.

"My name is Gato, I have metal joints Beat me up and earn 15 Silver points!"

Benjamin A. said...

Oye loikes random sketches. Keep on postin'!