Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Away for a while

I'll be gone... I don't know how long. Maybe less than the usual delay between posts these days. Maybe more. Or not.

In any case, notifying since I know.
And I was gonna post something today - just, no time to draw and scan, everything is packed and so....

I will be drawing stuff while I'm away, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Ah, at last Esa takes the great journey to find himself... To journey to Lapland and learn from the finest martial arts masters in all of the Arctic Circle.

The saga of the Wandering Fishmonger begins. :D

Mylar(waddles up): Mmmohhdear. T_T

Benjamin A. said...

o/Fishmonger, fishmonger,
Mong me some fish!
Catch me a trout, pass me a bass...\o