Monday, June 9, 2008

Monitor broken // I draw comics with my brain!

University has scanners, though, so we'll see about art. Otherwise, being without monitor - and thus, computer / net access at home - has been a boon, distinctively. It has helped me notice certain things that I've managed not to think about lately.

I'm reading Shura no Mon in Japanese... I think I have all of it, bought it last February, back when I still had money. I'm up to volume 3 right now. There are 31 volumes, I'll need to check how many I have... I might very well have them all.

I actually found this one originally through Shura no Toki anime, which is a bit... it's not like you'd assume based on early first episode. It goes bad at around midway through, but the early episodes are quite tasty. Adaptation Decay perhaps?

I'll need to tinker with them ads, it seems. T_T;

Okay, Among The Chosen, what now?


Cobalt said...

Broken monitors are annoying, to be sure.
Hope things get sorted out soon

nice to hear from you all the same, all that has been seen around these here parts are tumbleweeds.

among the chosen also shows promise. another to add to the bookmarks.

Benjamin A. said...

Mm. Tumbleweeds and icthyosaurs.

I've been writing, and there's scripts for a fair amount more of content (both sprite and drawn comic), but it seems I am powerless without my friends.

If that isn't an anime theme, I don't know what is! ;)