Friday, January 25, 2008

I is done with DnD almost.

Well, almost, anyway. That is, the big adventure is over, and I can now leave that particular campaign lie with good conscience. People got to level 23, and then they were eaten by big dinoes.

Medetashi, medetashi.

I have no idea what that means, but that's what popped out of my phrasebook. ( See: How Esas learn languages. )

In any case, today's drawing is new, and quite awful, but not so awful that I wouldn't post it. I think it looks like Terra Incognita, maybe.

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Benjamin A. said...

I like the eyes and the hair. ^^

Kind of makes me think and wonder if this particular version of GD had great big curvearound horns in addition to the usual spikes and such.

Alternatively, modern Terra Incognita (TinT) just might have a very different (albeit physically similar) genetic makeup from P.Terrifying in the past.

Considering that old-Terra was a mix of a bunch of humanlike species, modern Terra's structure might be simpler, or at the very least, more refined.