Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ben emailed me a link to the Lina vs. Nanoha video, which I've seen before, and I wrote this as a reply, then decided it was so boring everyone might as well see it. Or something.

I've been looking at DnD Nanoha ( dnd? again? *sigh* ) and it's interesting and tricky, since blasters are Weak weak weak weak weak.
There's ONE really powerful blasting-spell and even that requires you to bind the target in place for the duration. ( The second level "Scorching Ray" which might have been included in the NWN2 expansion is also really powerful, but you need some advanced trickery to make the most of it. Summa Summarum, if you focus on that spell for the entirety of your DnD career, you can get something like 144d6 out of it, once per day. Really not worth it, though. )

in NWN2 blasters are EXTRA-weak - even with the cheesy Missile Storm spells, since everyone automatically gets max HP. ( they should have just gone with the average, but meh... )

A Lina-type mage isn't that bad since she's actually a traditional backlines caster ( and she's from a fantasy parody anyway ). Nanoha's mobility I might manage to simulate in an actual game, but the game style cannot properly be emulated in NWN2.

Negi Sprinfield is down-right impossible since he went warrior-mage, in NWN. It's just not cost-effective. T_T

one nice thing in NWN2 is, in fact, the party size - bugs and stupid AI and all --- since it ALLOWS you to play a mage more like it's played in the actual game - using AoEs and softeners and Save-or spells. Not like NWN1's Nova monstrosities ( which was pretty much a must, since you needed to do the HP damage yourself. )

Gishes are still a bit tricky - mainly due to the very long time it takes for them to get their shields up. T_T I haven't tested proper, well-planned Wizard gishes yet, though (Self-shades+mirror image+shadow shield might be sufficient, boost-wise)
Oh, I'll be in Japan the entirety of next February, by the way.

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