Monday, August 19, 2013

Eating My Own Dog Food.

What a colourful expression. 

No, not the picture.
Remember the paint app from wayback? I tweaked it. Also threw it on github, since Gitorious doesn't seem to want to recognize my credentials.

Anyhoo, now it can actually create new canvases, has keyboard shortcuts and an adjustable pen tool size. also some odd bugs.

I've also been monkeying around in youtube, testing timelapse and screen capture things using CamStudio, which isn't that great, but is free, so  the price is right.

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Ben Oliver said...

Very important, to use your own products, if only to just "see how you like it!" ^_^

But it also brings up important features you may need that are lacking but would save you SO much time.

"Ink this drawing for me." And to get that to work right... yeah. Technology was meant to save time for humans!! ;)