Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cory Doctorow

Is a published writer. He also puts his books online, under the Creative Commons license.

The books are mostly 20 minutes into the future Scifi.

I started reading the full-length novels, from "DOWN and OUT in the Magic Kingdom" onwards, and, well, basically, the first book I liked thus far, was 'Little Brother'.

All the books present some ideas integrated throughout a story, and sometimes things work, oftentimes not.

The ideas are always quite neat, but the viewpoint characters are often a touch too unlikeable, in my opinion.
I'm currently reading 'For the Win', which has thus far jumped from a viewport to the next, which seems to have stalled my enthusiasm. 'Makers' was basically okay, but there was a longer chunk following a single viewpoint in the start, so when it changed, I was already deep into the story.

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