Thursday, April 7, 2011

Give peas a chance

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I like puns.

Okay, so due to lack of money, I've had to get creative with food. Rice and carrots form the base, but dried peas - the worst kind, really - can be a great source of protein. 

I did make a mistake in my first attempt, putting in way too much peas in the risotto I made, also without first soaking the peas, so they didn't cook very well. They DO make for a handy tasteless snack, though - a handful of peas and a lot of water is a decent meal replacement when one's feeling too lazy to do anything.

In other news, I woke up yesterday and found myself in control of myself. It was a weird experience.... well, I'm in a weird situation all around, so I guess it's to be expected.
I'll Zemanta up some recipes - Blogger has a lot of new features, gotta try them out, wouldn't be proper otherwise. 
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Ben said...

You've returned from the land of the living! Or was it to the land of the living? I dunno.

....hi! Welcome back! It's been a while. ^_^

Chesu said...

What's wrong with rice and carrots? Those are my two favorite foods! If you have rice and carrots, you're living the good life my friend.

Also, the title of this post reminds me of the pea-loving lunch lady from All That, a nineties sketch comedy series for children.