Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I need to draw Something // Funny consciousness thingy

Practice. Based on a Sargent sketch. I need to draw lots, lots, lots more

I still have no strong desire or drive towards anything, but I think I can pretend I do, which may be enough to get my body moving, which is the important part. So, I'm trying to see if I can act (do stuff) by acting (pretending I'm someone motivated).

Now, it's very clear to me, that the part of me thinking in words, the one who tells me a story about who I am, is not actually the part of me that controls my actions. I _think_ it's the part that listens to the story, so it's somewhat possible for me to convince myself sometimes. However, it seems to be horribly unreliable -- basically, I don't listen to myself, I guess.


Ben said...

So you possess the capability to emulate a productive person?


Hey, that's a pretty useful skill. ;)

Esa Karjalainen said...

I'm not very confident it's true... but I can _pretend_ I am.

Ben said...

You've made a very powerful statement.

It's kinda like headology. ;)