Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Copying.... //Something

4e Warlock's 'default' appereance.

I bought a new HD today as my machine didn't seem to boot. In retrospect, it may have been a case of loose wiring, but I've been having issues with my XP install for a while now, so I had enough excuses to get a new HD.

So, lots of space. I'm transferring and reorganizing files, and currently there's still ~200GB to copy from the drive that gets retired --- my HD300LJ has started resonating in a really nasty manner, so it's the one that goes. This may be because my MP3s were on it, so it got a decent amount of access. Hm.

This leaves my current HD setup as 1000 / 500 / 250, which is plenty for my purposes.


Anonymous said...

Was the default warlock your evil overlord character? :D

Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

That looks awesome, especially in how dangerous it is to have a scythe in a position to cut your own head off, that just says "badass".

Esa Karjalainen said...

Ah yes. Not the default warlock, just my warlock's 'default' appereance, more or less.

@Mike: style over substance, it's 4e.