Monday, August 4, 2008

30 minutes

You know, one of the reasons the amount of drawing I do drops significantly from time to time, is that I feel guilty about drawing instead of studying or working or exercising, cleaning, or doing anything non-hobby. Consequently, the impulse to draw evetually brings out a wave of guilt every time it comes... and then, there you are.
I have now assigned myself 3 hours per week for drawing and NETTG work.

3 Hours, not much.

My best result, getting used to it, is for last week, at 115 minutes. Still 65 minutes short. Interesting.


This was on the other side. It's not bad, so extra service!

I drew this after re-reading some Ranma volumes, can you tell?


Ben said...

Somewhat Akane-ish in the second image perhaps? :D

Esa Karjalainen said...

Perhaps. I like it, in many ways.

Certainly, the petulant expression is more Akane than anything.

Ben said...

And Terra is nothing if not petulant. ^_^