Monday, April 30, 2007

Doodling something!

References are for the weak! XD!!!!!1one

No-References are for the lazy!!! And Insane!!!!

...Ookay. Well, at least I drew something today...


Anonymous said...

Nifty scene from TinT!

I like the longer ponytails on Terra. The short ones just look weird. :D

Besides, she looks good with long hair when she's not wearing ponytails.

Ammon said...

I will pretend I know why guy is about to smack Terra with a violin.

*nods sagely*

Anonymous said...

Do you really need a reason to smack somebody inna head with a musical instrument?

Furikuriiii!!! ^_^

Ammon said...

Yes, but guitars are free in FLCL. Violins are expensive. And to waste one in such a fruitless and likely suicidal gesture... I still boggle ;)

Esa Karjalainen said...

nod and smile, just nod and smile.